The Bankers' Secret

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The Bankers' Secret

Kenneth Eric Trent


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This book will take you on a rollicking ride through the foreclosure explosion starting in 2008 and continuing through the present time. Alternately hilarious, poignant, tragic, and mysterious, the story introduces real-life Doppelgangers and the original MERS virus. Told as he experienced it by the litigator known as the "Foreclosure Destroyer," who exposed the Bankers' practice of Robosigning. He leads you to the inner sanctum and demonstrates with crystal clarity how truly nefarious the big banks are.
The author irreverently recounts his personal experiences, and those of other lawyers for the 99% which, when exposed, led to the government’s investigations of corrupt bank practices in foreclosures across the nation. Included are transcripts of trials, witness statements, and whistleblower affidavits. So too in this book the reader will find shocking and detailed evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Bank of America and several other banks; Mr. Trent explores the underpinnings of the woefully inadequate punishment of the so-called institutions and their principals and what can be done about it. The author asserts that banks are not too big to fail and bankers are not too big to jail.
From front to back this book analyzes a haunting mystery, the solution to which will engender outrage in virtually all who learn it.
Inquiring minds, indeed, want to know . . . why IS it that the banks use fake evidence in court as a standard practice?
This book answers that question and many others. It will make you laugh. It may make you cry.

Hang on and enjoy the ride.