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Tiffany Cates writes about Chicago and its citizens with deep respect and consideration, and is able to reveal both their nature and their bonds to one another in the same manner as Stuart Dybek in The Coast of Chicago. Which is to say, Cates captures the spirit and emotional intelligence of us all.
Using noir and romance elements Cates is able to create a sharp, fast-paced, and nuanced page-turner that articulates the complexities of those with and without power. Readers of this well-plotted, stylish prose will be floored by how close each characters' motivations hits to home; how intelligent, how entertaining, how resonant.
A truly satisfying reading experience, the success of Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and Stephen King’s books are just a few examples of the large mainstream audience for this type of eerie, haunting—while highly accessible and entertaining—fiction.
M-theory is made all the richer and more addictive by its intricate storyline and utterly convincing emotional logic.


Tiffany Cates:
Tiffany Cates spent five years navigating Chicago’s transit and weather systems before moving to Oregon and earning her MFA in Creative Writing from Oregon State University. Strongly influenced by her degrees in philosophy and psychology, Cates writes around themes of personhood, the distance between self and other, and matters of free will. She is the founding editor of Townsend, a literary journal devoted to long-form fiction writers. Tiffany Cates lives in Corvallis, Oregon.