Defining Moments

Defining Moments

The Transformational Promises of Faith Based Travel

Rick McCarthy, Susan McCarthy


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Defining Moments gives clear direction on how individuals can plan and execute a Holy Spirit led, faith-based trip of their own.

So many tour groups do an excellent job of building travel itineraries along with detailed historical tours. The missing component of these trips has been the Holy Spirit connection for the traveler to experience in their own life. Defining Moments is an essential guide to help travelers transform their faith-based travels from a historical tour to a life-changing spiritual revelation experience: from their head to their heart. It is intended to move people to a Spirit led discovery method of interacting with God’s powerful revelation of what happened at a place and how it impacts the traveler’s life today, rather than simply a fact-based, historical teaching method. Defining Moments sets out to accomplish several goals:

  • Encourage people to take faith-based vacations and turn them into defining moments that will shape their lives forever
  • Help people see the real possibility of not just having their heads filled with facts regarding a vacation spot, but to have their hearts shifted and changed in ways they never imagined
  • Teach the practical ways of meeting God in powerful and personal ways that will restore, revive, and re-energize their faith
  • Inform people of the important places in Christian history so they can be strengthened and inspired in their faith

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    Rick McCarthy:
    Rick and Susan McCarthy reside in Newport Beach, California. When they married in 2004, they realized that they both shared a love of travel and adventure and an even bigger love of their Lord. They are big fans of faith-based travel and have seen it done with excellence by pastoral leaders that have witnessed transformational change in participants. Their dream is to bring this same level of faith travel ‘aha’ moments to everyone- from armchair travelers to those intrepid souls that want to see it all. Susan is also the author of Captive to Captivated, sharing a few of her God stories to encourage others to “set the captives free”.|||