The Light That Blinded Earth

The Light That Blinded Earth

Adam Waite


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Tom Worcester is turning into a regular down and out. As he struggles through this period in particular of his life, he begins to lose his mind. This leads him to go in search of truth and meaning as he has had a strange experience whilst at home one night recently. As he now believes in aliens, like the night he believes he was abducted by them. As the story moves forward, he soon finds himself at the centre of a plot from the Middle East to take over the world and it is his job to repel this evil. Meeting an old friend along the way, will he succeed and who is behind his supposed abduction and will anyone actually believe him for a change. Their motives must come to light also. All will be revealed in the tale of us, them and our other selves!


Adam Waite:
I’m Adam. I’m 38 years old and currently unemployed. It’s been this way for a while, actually. I do have a rapid imagination; however, as I really enjoyed writing this book. I like most sports especially football as I’m from England. My favourite team is Nottingham Forest as I’ve supported them from the age of 9 years old. I believe myself to be a passionate person who is also reasonable and good natured.