Lyrical Wisdom

Lyrical Wisdom

Learn How to Write Songs with 5 Easy to Follow Steps

Raymond S. Newton


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Learn the 5 Steps ´How To´ Become a Successful Songwriter

Have you ever wondered if you can write a song? It is actually easier than you think. If you´re the type of person that loves music and has enough interest to follow instructions this learning guide is for you. The truth is that we were all created equal and we all have the capacity to learn, we all have emotions, we all have thoughts, we all have a story to tell, about love, sorrow, history, society, faith, about life. We all have an artistic side just waiting to be discovered give your self; or someone you love this opportunity; all you have to do is try. All you need is a pencil and a paper.


Raymond S. Newton:

The author gives you a hands on approach on how to write a song with 5 easy to follow steps with a unique musical perspective only he can give you… as you read you will join him in his journey of self analysis and at the same time teach you how to identify your initial childhood musical influence and your teenage musical influence needed to create your unique personal musical identity. The author is also a upcoming artist called Ray-9 he will detonate a musical explosion that will change the musical atmosphere of the music industry as we know it today… The author's purpose is for you to succeed as a songwriter; his cause is to help develop more songwriters with a spiritual positive mindset.