Unleashing Your Hero

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Unleashing Your Hero

Rise Above Any Challenge, Expand Your Impact, and Be the Hero the World Needs

Kevin D. Brown


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Develop, expand, and share your gifts as a leader to inspire others to use their own individual talents in extraordinary ways—from one of the country’s most sought-after motivational speakers with a 30+ year career in franchise development.

In Unleashing Your Hero, renowned speaker Kevin Brown shares how the heroes who transformed his life are people just like you. People who stepped up and used their talents to make a positive difference within the hectic moments of everyday life. The same person your employees are looking to and trusting in for guidance and support.

Through his real-life examples and stories, Kevin will: 

  • Provide you with a new definition of what it means to be a hero who inspires others to rise above and beyond in extraordinary ways.
  • Unpack the four characteristics of a hero, based on the entertaining and enlightening true stories of heroes who entered and forever enriched his life.
  •  Help you recognize the extraordinary gifts within you and learn how to share those gifts to make life better for yourself and those you influence. 

The unconventional yet probable path to business and personal success outlined in Unleashing Your Hero will help you and those you lead build extraordinary, fulfilling, impactful lives—at a time when your employees and your organization need the hero within you more than ever.


Kevin D. Brown:

After overcoming extreme hardship at a young age, living on the run and struggling for survival, Kevin Brown benefitted from the timely arrival of a series of everyday heroes who helped him reverse a long downhill spiral. Slowly he realized his own extraordinary potential. With the support of these heroes, he turned what could have been a disastrous life into an incredibly fulfilling and inspiring hero’s journey. Along the way, he had awakenings and inspirations that led to a major leap of faith career switch from corporate executive in a $2 billion dollar business to one of the world’s most in-demand motivational speakers, delivering as many as 160 live keynotes in a single year. Hometown: Orlando, FL