The Perseverance Travelers

The Perseverance Travelers



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The Birth Of The “Fire Salamander” (0-7 Years) The Turbulent Childhood Of Young Alf Naftali Kalil (8-14 Years) The Way To The Fire Work: Becoming a Manual Glass Master's Apprentice (15-21 Years) The Beginning Of Men's Trial And The Schooling Away From Home: Manual Glass Master (22-28 Years) The Practical Work Of Fire: The Marriage With Teresa Paula Isadora (29-35 Years) The Fire Salamander's Daughter: Augusta Rebeca Jade (36-42 Years) The Fight Against Adversity: Raising a Daughter (43-49 Years) The End Of The Hard Work To Survive (50-56 Years) The Beginning Of The Journey Of Perseverance Travelers (57-63 Years) The Water Initiation (64-70 Years) The Earth Initiation (71-77 Years) The Air Initiation (78-84 Years)


After high school, he graduated as a Telecommunications Technician at CNEC - São Luiz Gonzaga / RS. In 2012 he graduated in Philosophy (Full Degree) at UFSM (Federal University of Santa Maria). Collaborating Member of the São Luiz Gonzaga Historical and Geographic Institute (IHG SLG), RS, Brazil. In 2018 he concluded the Master's degree in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art at IFAC at UFOP (Federal University of Ouro Preto) with the defense of the dissertation: THE HARMONY OF LIMITANTS AND UNLIMITED THROUGH THE NUMBERS IN THE FILOLAU OF CROTONA´S FRAGMENTS.