Does It Hurt When I Do This?

Does It Hurt When I Do This?

An Irreverent Guide to Understanding Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Mark Salamon


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Get moving on that injury with this humorous guide to rehabilitation from the comfort of your home!

Does it Hurt When I Do This? is designed to educate readers on the workings of the human body, how to keep it healthy, and how to prevent and rehabilitate injuries. In a light, humorous style that has endeared him to thousands of patients, Mark Salamon presents this “owner’s manual for the human body” in a logical order, starting with very basic concepts and progressing gradually to more complex ideas. His continual references back to the basics stem from his observations over twenty-five years of patients who were frustrated because their doctors or therapists had never explained them.

With a better understanding of how the body’s different parts work together to protect itself from injury and repair itself if one occurs, readers learn how to care for all the parts together so injuries become less frequent and easier to fix. Guiding readers through hows and whys of rehabilitating injuries to specific body parts, starting with the feet and working up, Salamon emphasizes that this knowledge is meant to enhance, not replace, the reader’s relationship with their physical therapist and doctor. When poor insurance coverage or high co-pays limit the number of office visits, the knowledge gleaned from this work helps patients better understand how to enhance and stick with their home programs, and when to seek help when things are not improving as expected.


Mark Salamon:

Mark Salamon is a physical therapist at Coordinated Health in Allentown, Pennsylvania. For twenty-five years he has taught young athletes, middle-aged weekend warriors, workers injured on the job, and senior citizens how to restore their lives after injuries or surgeries. He has published over sixty humorous articles in publications such as The Haven and The Scene and Heard, and has helped over 20,000 patients decrease their anxiety and frustration by making them laugh.